Taste to Taste: The end of picky eating habbits


As our taste buds die we learn to enjoy a wider variety of foods and flavors. Around the world there are exotic, savory, and sweet things to taste.

Each culture has their own specialties, what it is they are known for. Even if a meal has all the same ingredients it will be prepared differently based off of what country you live in and what region of that country you live in.

Many might have noticed that as they age the foods and flavors they prefer to taste change.

According to longevity.about.com, “The average person has about 4,600 taste buds on their tongue.”

It is our taste buds that allow us to taste all of the variety out in the world. Our tongue can be divided into 4 main section according to the about health section on the longevity Web page.

  1. Sweet
  2. Salty
  3. Sour
  4. Bitter

There is also a recently discovered 5th for flavors that are savory, according to the Longevity Web page.

“Taste receptors are heroes in the world of cell turnover, regenerating about every ten days,” according to longevity.about.com.

It is because our taste receptors regenerate and die every 10 days that we learn to love new flavors and tastes.

As we grown from childhood we tried a certain foods. Some we loved, some we liked, and some we just simply said “Yuck!” From that moment on we decided that if we didn’t like it then we would no longer try it.

The Error is that we change. I recall tomatoes, squash, anything seafood, and pineapple to be on my list of things I will never eat.

It was only when I had a desire to appreciate other cultures dishes and foods, which I began to reconsider all the foods I had disowned in my past. I decided to retry them all. Now I can scarcely think of a food I don’t enjoy when prepared the right way.

Come to know other cultures one-taste test at a time. If you can’t appreciate it now that’s fine; give it 10 days.


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