Learning from how other Cultures Dress

There are many in our society who wishes that they looked like a celebrity or model. However, for most they never take the courage to break from the style that they are comfortable with.226

I would propose that the people who do change their fashion trends have traveled outside of the North American Continent, if not they are aware of fashion through the Internet.

While growing up in Utah, there was a standard style that most everyone in school followed. The exceptions were those select few who bought their clothing out of state. I recall looking down the row in my Choir class and seeing that every one in the row had jeans and t-shirt.

There were norms growing up and a lot of the time if you stepped out side of the norms you were in danger of being looked upon as gay, being made fun of with the occasional complement from a girl who knew how to dress.

“I think the concept of tailoring has completely escaped North Americans. Men’s pants are always too baggy. Naturally, American men refer to European style trousers as ‘gay’ because they are what they consider to be ‘tight’. In actuality, those are how your trousers are meant to fit,” according to bangsandabun.com

When I lived in the Eastern European area I wore a scarf whenever it was cold outside. I was ten times warmer because of it. However, where I grew up never did a guy wear a scarf?

In the Russian culture they would think that there was something wrong with a person mentally if they went with out a scarf because of the weather. However, many in the U.S. worry about breaking social barriers.

When I finally did break the barriers I found that I became more comfortable in the clothes that were fitted to my body and were original and stylish. I felt confidence because I put effort into looking good and that confidence made me feel comfortable.

“In New York I was complimented on my clothing on virtually a daily basis, probably because I put some effort into my style,” according to the author of bangandabun.com

Don’t be afraid to change your style. If you want to look good then branch out. Chances are that you will be able to learn from those of other countries who have experience where you do not.

According to collegefashion.net to change up your style you should study different looks, find a fashion muse, make a list of defining pieces to purchase.

Don’t worry about the norms. Break them and you will find that you will have more confidence, and people will notice.


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