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Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and English these are the main languages of the countries that I have lived in. Of these 7 languages I speak two of them and attempted to learn beginning phrases in all of them.

A popular debate in America and around the world is whether immigrants should learn the native language of the Land if they are going to live there.

“A recent poll by Gallup asked Americans how important it is that immigrants learn to speak English, a whopping 72 percent said it was essential,” according to the huffingtonpost web page.

In that same poll only “20 percent of those polled think it’s important that Americans learn a second language,” according to huffingtonpost web page.

While I was living in Europe just about everyone I met knew at least two languages, three languages was common, and higher was not uncommon. I would have never learned a second language if I would have only stayed in the United States. But because I knew I was going to be living in a Russian society I put in serious effort to learn their language.

Many would be impressed that I “an American” would try and learn their Slavic language and try and learn their ways and culture. They had respect for me and I had respect for them.

Yes English is important in American society and Immigrants should learn it in order to contribute and function. However the Pride of Americans in wanting everyone else to just learn to speak with them in English has grown to great. Americans should strive to become bilingual to show humility and respect towards other cultures, and others should do the same to them.


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